The Beauty of Natural Simplicity

The COCO MUMU was created in 2019, established on a quest to find and form sustainable natural materials and combine these with simple, stylish designed objects into decor and homewares to bring the beauty and the natural simplicity into modern spaces.

Our story originated from 2017 on Etsy store, COCO MUMU Flowers ( The COCO MUMU Flowers was focused to bring longer lasting natural flowers and foliage into people’s lives in a form of dried arrangements.

Since then, our study and experiments on flowers were always aimed at preserving them beautifully while keeping their natural shapes and unique appearances so that they can live in an intimate spaces, a last long.
To complement characteristics of dried flowers, we’ve adopted and developed preserving techniques into flowers and foliage to maintain their original flexibility and real touch freshness for extended period of time without any maintenance. 
These Preserved  plants are joined together with everyday objects that  finalised COCO MUMU’s unique and innovative designed pieces and it turned into opportunity to collect and share diverse products that contain the story, the beauty of natural simplicity. 
So, there we go. We are COCO MUMU.