Care & Handling

Preserved & Dried Plants

To ensure the durability of preserved and dried flowers and foliage, it’s important to observe proper care of these products: 

  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight (it may cause the colour to fade or run)
  • no watering or placing the products in water
  • recommended humidity: below 80%
  • recommend for Indoor use only
  • avoid crushing, pressing or folding petals or leaves
  • do not put too close to a heat source such as radiator or fireplace
  • our products are not cultivated for edible purposes

With the right care, you can enjoy your preserved plants for a longer time. 

Wooden Kitchenwares

Our wooden products are highly durable and water / heat resistant.
  • recommended for hand wash only (should not be placed in dishwasher)
  • do not soak in water too long
  • do not expose to extreme hot temperature